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Thrift Store Reviews

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Jubilee / Lebanon

Brooke Mousetis

I’ll never forget the day I found the Jubilee store in Lebanon. I was at Lebanon’s Goodwill to see their items and on my way out I asked the lady at the cash register if there were any other thrift/vintage stores close by. She told me that Jubilee store was just a few blocks away and I just about ran out the door throwing caution and my newly found brass animal to the wind. I was literally texting T.J. photos of Jubilee as I walked through it for the first time. (Nerd alert.) Ha! It’s really not anything that spectacular, but as far as thrift stores go, it is. Jubilee stores are incredibly clean and organized. It’s amazing. This specific Jubilee location might be my favorite. Although, I have yet to visit all of their locations. Someday… someday. In the meantime, I hope you take an afternoon to go and visit the store in Lebanon. Tell them Brooke sent you. They have no idea who I am. But tell them anyway.

Jubilee // Lebanon, PA // 235 S 12th Street
Phone: (717) 274-3962

Clothing:  Yes. All clothing is on the first floor. I’ve only ever purchased jewelry though.

Housewares: Yes. An entire room upstairs is devoted to it. It might blow your mind.

Furniture: Yes! Great prices too! Sometimes I want to buy extra lamps and chairs just because they’re so cheap!

Organized: Clothing – yes. Housewares – yes. Everything – YES. Lord bless them.

Clean: Always.

Bathroom: Yep!

Carts/Baskets: Yes.

Best Section: The housewares room. It used to be called “Discount Land”.

Cash/Credit: They accept both.

Sales: Every week they have something on sale. The sales typically run from Wednesday to Tuesday. In addition to this, they have reduced items which are marked with red reduced tags. There are also in-store non-advertised sales. The last Monday of every month (excluding holidays) is a store-wide sale at 25% off.

Total Thrift Points (Out of 10): 10!!!! Seriously one of my favorite stores ever.

** Please note that the "Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points" are totally just my opinion, based off of my personal experiences and the items I was searching for that the time. **