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Pretty Much Anything

Brooke Mousetis

It never ceases to amaze me what you can find at a thrift store. I found the giant strawberry cookie jar early last year, but only filled it with candy and set it out this past Christmas. Never regretted buying that sucker! Plus, I think it's one of a kind-ish... it has someone's initials carved into the bottom. So that's cool.

Also, really loving the little wooden deer I picked up last week. I almost didn't get them, but am glad I did. I found them in the Christmas section (for 50% off!), but set aside from anything Christmas related, they look very Swedish in design and modern.

What have you found lately?


 photo Finds2.jpg

Wooden Deer - I love that they can be a part of my deer collection, but also stand alone with their own modern "danish" look.

Strawberry Cookie Jar - I never thought I would own a cookie jar. That seems so grandma-ish and weird. But the second I laid eyes on this colorful giant strawberry on the top shelf, I had to have it. It looks great anywhere. And is so fun to dig around in for a handful of candy!

Gold Rimmed Dish Set - This was another one of those things that I purchased just because I couldn't leave it on the shelf at the thrift store. It sat upstairs on a shelf for over a year before I found it and thought "Wow! Why am I not using these everyday!?" It's unfortunate that you can't microwave them (due to the gold), but I still love them. In fact, there are large dinner plates not shown above!