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Thrift Store Reviews

Salvation Army / Lancaster

Brooke Mousetis

Today's Thrifty Review is for the Salvation Army in Lancaster. It's enormous. In a good way… but also in an overwhelming way. The store is mostly clothing, but also has a back wall full of housewares and a small area of used furniture. I really only visit this store on Wednesdays, when almost everything is half off! But go early on Wednesdays or you'll miss out!

Salvation Army // Lancaster // 1244 Manheim Pike, Lancaster PA
Phone: (717) 290-1605

Clothing: Yes. More than you could look through in a day.

Housewares: Yes.

Furniture: Yes. Couches, tables, dressers, lamps.

Organized: Clothing – yes. Housewares – NO!!! It's so annoying.

Clean: The items themselves are semi-clean, but due to the unorganized areas of the stores, it can seem messy.

Bathroom: Yes. Easy to find.

Carts/Baskets: Yes.

Best Section: The furniture, but only if you go on a day that's 50% off.

Cash/Credit: They accept both.

Sales: Every Wednesday is 50% off certain colored tagged items. They write their daily sales just inside the front door on a white board.

Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points (Out of 10): 4

** Please note that the "Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points" are totally just my opinion, based off of my personal experiences and the items I was searching for that the time. **