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Thrift Store Reviews

Habitat For Humanity ReStore

Brooke Mousetis

This is a great little store when you're working on house projects. All of the items Habitat for Humanity removes from the houses they help repair and tear down (right down to the screws!), is in this store. I've picked up some awesome (odd sized) lightbulbs, a brass pineapple door-knocker and a sweet wooden chair. Unless you're really on the hunt for a giant kitchen cabinet or some random white bathroom tile, this store is very hit or miss. They have loads of screws, doorknobs, leftover paint, 90's brass chandeliers, drawer pulls and more. Its more like parts of a house, verses decoration for your home. But if that's what you're looking for, this is the place! 

It's worth checking out at least once. I probably only visit 2-3x a year, but usually walk out with a few things in hand!

Habitat For Humanity ReStore //  155 Independence Ct // Lancaster, PA 17601

Phone: (717) 293-0250

Clothing: No.

Housewares: Sort of. More like house parts!

Furniture: Yes. Some tables and chairs. But again, more like house parts.

Organized: Only into large categories. Lights, sinks, etc.

Clean: It's not NOT clean. Haha.

Bathroom: Yes.

Carts/Baskets: Both.

Best Section: Their select furniture, selection of lightbulbs and assorted brass items.

Cash/Credit: They accept both!

Sales: You'd have to call, I've never seen any regular occurring sales posted. 

Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points (Out of 10): 5

** Please note that the "Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points" are totally just my opinion, based off of my personal experiences and the items I was searching for that the time. **