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Thrift Store Reviews

Re-Uzit Shop of New Holland

Brooke Mousetis

This thrift store is without a doubt the biggest one I've ever been to. It's two floors with room after room of treasures to dig through. Their prices are, in my opinion, a little higher than I'd like, but with so much to choose from you kind of get over it. I have found many of my favorite items from the Re-Uzit Shop of New Holland, like my punch bowl and ship glasses. They have an entire Christmas section year round that's always full of stuff and a great selection of blankets and linens which I always take the time to dig through. When you go, plan to spend at least an hour there if you really want to see everything. And bring cash if you only want to buy a thing or to! Happy thrifting!

Re-Uzit Shop of New Holland // 707 West Main Street // New Holland, PA  17557

Phone: (717) 354-8355

Clothing: Yes. SO MUCH. Relatively organized and color sorted.

Housewares: Yes. Rooms of them.

Furniture: Yes. The second floor is all furniture. Priced OK.

Organized: Overall, yes. But the store is so massive, it can seem overwhelming as a whole.

Clean: Yes. The items are pretty clean, but their stickers are harder to remove than most. It's annoying.

Bathroom: Yes. Up on the second floor.

Carts/Baskets: Both..

Best Section: Dishes. Hundreds and hundreds of them. 

Cash/Credit: They accept both. They kindly suggest a $10 minimum credit purchase.

Sales: They rotate weekly based on the colors of the price stickers.

Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points (Out of 10): 8

** Please note that the "Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points" are totally just my opinion, based off of my personal experiences and the items I was searching for that the time. **

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