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Thrift Store Reviews

Thrift 4 U

Brooke Mousetis

Don't laugh. It's better than it sounds. Although every time I say to T.J. that I'm heading out to shop there, we both say it with giant hand gestures "4 U!!!" They recently moved their thrift store 1/2 a block down the street and combined it with their furniture location.  I'm not as crazy about it now that they've combined them, but maybe it will get better with time.

I tend to find only a thing or two here, but their prices are pretty good, so I go back anytime I'm in the Elizabethtown area. I hit up Mt. Joy Gift & Thrift, then the Elizabethtown Goodwill and then end at Thrift 4 U before I turn around and come home. 

Like all thrift stores, it's worth checking out once. I would say I walk out with stuff in my hands half the time I visit. My favorite finds from Thrift 4 U would be my pair of ship paintings and these vintage postcards.

Happy Thrifting!

Thrift 4 U // 19 N. Market Street // Elizabethtown, PA
Phone: 717-366-4373

Clothing: Not anymore? Unless they're still waiting to set it up.

Housewares: Yes. Relatively organized.

Furniture: Yes. But quite expensive considering most of it is not "vintage" in style. It's more second hand, recent decade stuff. 

Organized: Mostly.

Clean: Yes.

Bathroom: No. But there is a cute coffee shop across the street!

Carts/Baskets: Baskets.

Best Section: Not sure. It's really hit or miss. 

Cash/Credit: They accept both.

Sales: Yes, but they change often and aren't listed anywhere. I'd suggest calling.

Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points (Out of 10): 6

** Please note that the "Total Tiny Anchors Thrift Points" are totally just my opinion, based off of my personal experiences and the items I was searching for that the time. **